41 Adventures to add to your bucket list

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1. BASE jumping off Kjerag in Norway.

Go BASE jumping off Kjerag in Norway.
Creative Commons / Flickr: hakonthingstad

2. Climb Leukerbad Via Ferrata in Switzerland.

Climb Leukerbad Via Ferrata in Switzerland.
Christian Cueni / Creative Commons / Flickr: chrigu

3. Hike the Salcantay trail to Machu Picchu.

Hike the Salcantay trail to Machu Picchu.
Creative Commons / Flickr: oisinmulvihill

4. Sit on top of the world after hiking Mount Kilimanjaro.

Sit on top of the world after hiking Mount Kilimanjaro.
Creative Commons / Flickr: stignygaard

5. Swim in Mexico’s Yucatán cenotes.

Swim in Mexico's Yucatán cenotes.
Thinkstock / dubassy

6. Hike the Mendenhall glacier in Juneau, Alaska.

Hike the Mendenhall glacier in Juneau, Alaska.
Creative Commons / Flickr: 57214144@N03

7. Hike Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park.

Hike Angel's Landing in Zion National Park.
Creative Commons / Flickr: chaselindberg

See that chain? Yeah, that’s your lifeline.

8. Ice climb the Hyalite Canyon in Montana.

Ice climb the Hyalite Canyon in Montana.
Jason Thompson / Creative Commons / Flickr: jaythompson

9. Go to “La Tomatina” in Buñol, Spain.

Go to "La Tomatina" in Buñol, Spain.
Creative Commons / Flickr: gibffe

Everyone throws tomatoes at each other. And it’s insane.

10. Walk across a frozen river on the Chadar trek in Zanskar River Valley, India.

Walk across a frozen river on the Chadar trek in Zanskar River Valley, India.
Creative Commons / Flickr: kpradeep

11. Hike the 2,180 mile Appalachian Trail.

Hike the 2,180 mile Appalachian Trail.
Thinkstock / Dave Allen Photography

I mean if you have like a year off or something.

12. Swim through the Black Hole of White Canyon in Utah.

Swim through the Black Hole of White Canyon in Utah.
Creative Commons / Flickr: driggs

13. Camp under the Northern Lights.

Camp under the Northern Lights.
Creative Commons / Flickr: elgentscho

14. Hang glide over Rio de Janeiro.

Hang glide over Rio de Janeiro.
Creative Commons / Flickr: mwichary

Breeze over the beautiful city of Rio and land on Sao Conrado beach.

15. Hike to the Upper Yosemite Falls.

Hike to the Upper Yosemite Falls.
Creative Commons / Flickr: tomsaint

16. Play on the world’s highest tennis court at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

Play on the world's highest tennis court at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai.
Creative Commons / Flickr: visitisrael

When it’s not being used as a helicopter landing pad.

17. Walk the Arenal Skywalk in Costa Rica.

Walk the Arenal Skywalk in Costa Rica.
Thinkstock / Jennifer Dodge

18. Dive the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia.

Dive the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia.
Thinkstock / vyenel

19. Raft through the Grand Canyon.

Raft through the Grand Canyon.
Creative Commons / Flickr: grand_canyon_nps

20. Bungee jump off the Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Bungee jump off the Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown, New Zealand.
Creative Commons / Flickr: viajescangrejo

21. Swim with sharks in the the Maldives.

Swim with sharks in the the Maldives.
Thinkstock / Krzysztof Odziomek

22. Walk across the Trift Bridge above the Swiss Alps.

Walk across the Trift Bridge above the Swiss Alps.
Creative Commons / Flickr: thisisbossi

23. Hike the Half Dome in Yosemite.

Hike the Half Dome in Yosemite.
Thinkstock / Greg Epperson

24. Do the Mt. Huashan plank walk in China.

Do the Mt. Huashan plank walk in China.
Creative Commons / Flickr: ianz

25. Hike Striding Edge in Britain.

Hike Striding Edge in Britain.
Creative Commons / Flickr: micsten

26. Dogsled in the remote region of Lapland, Finland.

Dogsled in the remote region of Lapland, Finland.
Creative Commons / Flickr: 84554176@N00

27. Ski in Denali National Park, Alaska.

Ski in Denali National Park, Alaska.
Creative Commons / Flickr: alaskanps

28. Swim with great white sharks in South Africa.

Swim with great white sharks in South Africa.
Creative Commons / Flickr: hermanusbackpackers

29. Skydive over Interlaken, Switzerland, and check out the Swiss Alps on your way down.

Skydive over Interlaken, Switzerland, and check out the Swiss Alps on your way down.
Creative Commons / Flickr: philleara

30. Ride the craziest rapids on the Zambezi river in Zambia.

Ride the craziest rapids on the Zambezi river in Zambia.
Creative Commons / Flickr: martijnmunneke

31. Free climb at Hueco Tanks State Park in Texas.

Free climb at Hueco Tanks State Park in Texas.
Creative Commons / Flickr: danale9

32. Swim in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon.

Swim in Iceland's Blue Lagoon.

33. Walk the Kakum canopy in Ghana.

Walk the Kakum canopy in Ghana.
Thinkstock / demerzel21

34. Visit an active volcano at Volcan Pacaya, Guatemala.

Visit an active volcano at Volcan Pacaya, Guatemala.
Maryse Guacvin / Creative Commons / Flickr: mgdt

35. Visit the Apostle Island winter sea caves in Lake Superior, Wisconsin.

Visit the Apostle Island winter sea caves in Lake Superior, Wisconsin.
K ALIZE TRAN / Creative Commons / Flickr: alizetranphoto

36. Climb to Glacier Point vista in Yosemite National Park, California.

Climb to Glacier Point vista in Yosemite National Park, California.
Creative Commons / Flickr: daveynin

37. Swim in the Erawan Waterfalls in Thailand.

Swim in the Erawan Waterfalls in Thailand.
Thinkstock / lkunl

The water runoff from the limestone cliffs will make it look like you’re swimming in a episode of LOST.

38. Cliff jump off of the South Point cliffs in Hawaii.

Cliff jump off of the South Point cliffs in Hawaii.
Creative Commons / Flickr: ornellas

39. Kayak through otherworldly scenery at Caddo Lake in Texas.

Kayak through otherworldly scenery at Caddo Lake in Texas.
Creative Commons / Flickr: freewine

40. Swim in the Devil’s Pool at Victoria Falls on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Swim in the Devil's Pool at Victoria Falls on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe.
Creative Commons / Flickr: joepyrek

41. Swim in the hidden blue grotto of Capri.

Swim in the hidden blue grotto of Capri.

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