Australia’s best hangover-curing cafes

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The last thing you feel like doing after a big night on the booze is contemplating where to eat breakfast. But if Saturday morning is an all too familiar tug-of-war between your head and your hunger fear not my liver-impaired friends, TheVine has you covered. While we can’t bring you aspirin and a diet coke we can drop the names of some of Australia’s best brunches, because sometimes all it takes is a double-shot espresso, some fresh air, and a belly full of eggs to cure your throbbing hangover.


298477_954058_bunker_591w Sassafras Canteen in Paddington is like the little black dress of Brisbane hangover brunch spots; the sand crab omelette is unfaltering in disarming your post-alcohol nausea every time. Take a newspaper and chill out in the sunny courtyard out the back. Bunker down in a vine-riddled old bomb-shelter and wrap your post-partying lips around one of the best artisan coffees in Brisbane from Bunker Coffee in Milton. The specialty 5 Senses Coffee and boutique hand bottled iced coffee are perfect for the unexpected mid-week hangover (work drinks, anyone?) as they are only open on weekdays. A longtime New Farm institution, Harvey’s Bar and Bistro is in the business of curing epic hangovers with their wild mushroom and lentils on toast, grilled haloumi, and lemon dish. Delish! Down some aspirin and drench yourself in Vitamin D at the Corner Store Cafe in Milton. This packed little sun-drenched brunchery is perfect for when you just want some fresh air and a side of smashed avo with that.


298484_1891005_617858724954433_1554181122_n_591w If you missed your drunken late-night pizza or kebab you can pick one up at Adelaide’s most popular brunch spot The Market Shed on Holland. The shed houses a variety of stalls so if you suddenly have an urge for a healthy juice instead you can grab that too. Soothe the savage beast at Agathas, a casual little cafe set back from the beach in Port Noarlunga. If you forgot the paracetamol, don’t go past the wholesome ‘Hey Pesto’ – avocado, pesto, hollandaise, rocket, tomato, and bacon on toasted ciabatta.


298483_10987720_366627743524343_7970788900389425472_n_1_591w It isn’t a hangover cure if eggs aren’t involved; so stumble to Journeyman in Prahran where you’ll be treated to the best scramble in town. Their generous servings and unpretentious service go down a treat too (because the last thing you need when you’re hung is a stingy arsehole serving you). If a “kinda” full English Breaky, complete with David’s bacon, apple and cider sausage, scrambled eggs, and baked beans at Brunswick institution Pope Joan doesn’t fix you, nothing else will! Go back to bed! South Yarra’s Sweetwater Inn’s Bloody Mary isn’t so much a drink as it is a hostile attack on your senses. Apart from being an entire meal by itself (complete with tomato, bacon, beetroot, chilli-infused vodka, cheese, stuffed olives, a pickle and half a cocktail onion), it’s also one of the spiciest in the land. It’ll knock your hungover socks off and get you straight back to your peak from the night before. Not for the faint hearted.


298481_262817_316626321768267_529496113_n_591w Why should you bother hauling your hungover arse to Machine Laundry in Salamanca Square for brunch? In the words of an anonymous Urban Spoon reviewer: “Holy mother of baby Jesus in his Christmas crib try the French toast with lime curd & vanilla bean mascarpone!” Well, okay then! Cosy little Battery Point Environs Cafe is like going to your mum’s for a wholesome breaky and some hungover hugs, only home is with infinite vases of lavender flowers warmly greeting you at the door, and breakfast is a mouth-watering combination of french toast served with apricots and figs.


298482_1391872_547206512014968_1344192546_n_591w Fancy some waffles with that whine? If your hangover is simply too much to bear all by your lonesome, grab another mate who’s hurting and head toBrewtown Newtown to munch on some Belgian waffles with orange ricotta, stewed fruits, and caramelised figs. It’ll make the joint “Never. Drinking. Again.” speech that much more enjoyable. The Green Breaky Bowl of kale, spinach, coriander, mint, parsley, eggs, and avocado at Bondi institution Porch and Parlour will wet your dry, pasty mouth faster than downing a litre of water will. If you ever get a morning-after text from someone inviting you to aYellow brunch you’d be an idiot not to go – even if the last thing you feel like doing is getting out of bed. The Potts Point French-inspired eatery is popular for its unique and gourmet take on breakfast dishes – poached egg with charred onion consomme, mushrooms & peas, anyone?


298479_10646987_839064792833202_6218692714002464424_n_591w The Shipping Lane in North Fremantle’s freshly squeezed juices are ideal for replenishing those lost electrolytes from your evening prior. The eatery is also conveniently located by Leighton Beach so you can cleanse yourself of last night’s demons by going for a dip. Just remember to wait that 30 minutes after you’ve eaten. For some, the cure to a hangover is simply black and white – coffee, and lots of it. Underground CBD coffee specialist La Veen use 5 Senses beans which pack the ultimate punch to kick-start your day. Your body needs all the nutrition it can get after a llvin’ large kind of evening, and City Farm Cafe in East Perth serves up a yummy organic, biodynamic brunch on Saturdays. The eatery is connected to local farmers markets so you’ll be doing independent producers a solid.  

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