Top 3 Ultimate Australian Adventures!

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Australian Walking Holidays
  Australia is the land of plenty…. and certainly blessed with an abundance of unbelievably beautiful landscapes to explore. From the ancient West MacDonald ranges which resemble a long winding stone caterpillar rising from the red desert sands, or the exquisite alpine terrain of  Tasmania’s Walls of Jerusalem to the wildlife rich waterholes of Kakadu. Coupled with its much envied coastline, big sky outback regions, impressive forests and lists of outdoor activities, it is no wonder Australia is one of the world’s top adventure destinations. Make your next holiday one that explores one of Australia’s great natural wonderlands with our top three Ultimate Australian Adventures. AUssie-Adventures  

The Larapinta Trail

Trekker_on_top_of_Mount_Sonder-mediumFirst established as a walking trail in 1987, the Larapinta trail took 15 years to evolve into one of the best walking trails in Australia. Showcasing a plethora of unique natural features, including the vast flood plains, rocky outcrops, gorges and razorback ridges, the beauty of this desert environment is best seen while journeying on the Larapinta trail, one of Australia’s most popular long-distance trails. Commencing from Alice Springs, the trail twists and turns along the range and through isolated gorges toward Mount Sondor for one of the most stunning sunrise climbs the region has to offer. Each days trek reveals new places and scenes while your evenings will be spent in our award winning eco-campsites that are located at intervals along the trail. These virtual oases offer comfortable facilities and sustainable technologies that ensure a minimal footprint during your stay in this ancient environment. Your meals will be prepared by our expert guides and your luggage transferred between the camps leaving you with only your day pack to carry to the next evenings camp with your small group of fellow travellers.

Make it Happen!

Classic Larapinta Trek –  6 days Larapinta End To End – 14 days Larapinta Experience – 3 days

Heysen Trail

Black_Gap_heyson_trail-mediumNamed after Sir Hans Heyson, the Heyson trail offers a spectacular introduction into the Flinders Ranges. Sir Heyson once remarked the Heyson trail was akin to seeing ‘the bones of nature laid bare’ – and for good reason! Boasting rugged mountain ridges, rolling hills and vast arid desert country, the trail boasts takes you on a journey through some of the state’s most breathtaking countryside; passing through vineyards, orchards, national parks, alpine-like forests and rich farmland. Rated as one of the premier long distance walks of the world, don’t miss this opportunity to explore some of South Australia’s most scenic areas. Staying overnight in pleasant accommodation that offers comfort, stunning scenery and added charm of Australian outback hospitality, the Heysen trail is a must for those who want to explore one of the most beautiful walking trails in Australia. Combined with our in-depth local knowledge, passion and experience, you can be sure you’ll be embarking on one of the most memorable Australian walking experiences.

Make it Happen!

Heysen Trail and the Flinders Ranges – 6 days


Gunlom_top_pool-mediumImmerse yourself in the cultural and natural wonder of Kakadu National Park, with its waterfalls tumbling from the red cliffs of the Arnhem Land escarpment into shady pools; tranquil wetlands that teem with animal and birdlife, and 40,000 years of Aboriginal cultural heritage that is on display in the numerous hidden rock art galleries. Walking adventures in the Kakadu National Park will surprise and delight trekkers who want to get beyond the regular tourist sites. A collection of full-day bushwalks that explore remote gorges and sparkling waterfalls, as well as opportunities to get up close to ancient rock art seen by very few visitors will enhance your experience and complete your adventure across the  tropical wilderness of Australia’s Top End. Evenings will be spent in semi-permanent safari campsites that encourage travellers to relax in idyllic tropical surrounds, giving you time and space to reflect on one of Australia’s most impressive national parks.

Make it Happen!

Kakadu Walking Adventure – 6 days

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