Vostok Space Beer

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CURATED CONTENT VIA 4 PINES BREWING: Here at 4 Pines we really like space and we really LOVE beer. It just so happens our friends at Saber Astronautics really LOVE space and really, truly like beer. So in mid-2010 after a few months of talking about sending beer into space, we finally asked the question, why not? We then signed some papers and did some boring legal stuff and hurrah! Vostok Space Beer was born. To celebrate we drank some beer. From these humble beginnings we undertook a drop tower test (this is where we dropped beer off a tall tower to simulate the effect of zero gravity). The results for this were exactly what we were looking for so we took the next step and embarked on microgravity testing. On Feb 26, 2011 we jumped on board a zero-g flight known as the vomit comet and the first beer in history was served on a commercial zero gravity flight. The flight powered its way through a number of parabolic arcs and some friends of ours at Astronauts for Hire floated their way into the history books. Already an award winning beer, in May 2012 we received the ultimate recognition – being named Champion Stout at the Australian International Beer Awards. As the second largest beer competition in the world and receiving thousands of entries from more than 35 countries around the world, no mean feat. In 2014 we jumped back on a vomit comet to test the beer with both male and female beer lovers, as well as trial our new space bottle design which will allow intergalactic travelers to drink from a bottle as they would here on earth, rather than the current ‘squeeze’ bottle designs. Did someone say something about necessity being the mother of all invention. In 2015 we will finalise a bottle design and do some final testing of the beer and bottle ready for commercial production. Soon you will be able to get your hands on true blue, NASA approved space beer!

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